Kiribati Civil Registration Office

  1. 1. Registration of Births

  • The births of every child born in Kiribati (born alive or stillborn) must be registered immediately within 10 days.
  • Registration can be made after 10 days to 12 months with no cost.
  • It the duty of father and mother to register the birth of their child
  • If parents are unable to register their kids, the duty of qualified informants such as

(b) Any person present at birth;

(c) Any person occupying at the time of the birth and any part of the house where in the child was born and having knowledge of the child having been born in the house;

(d) Any medical practitioner or midwife in attendance after the birth and having personal knowledge of the birth having occurred;

(e) Any person having charge of the child

  1. 2. Requirement in order to register your child’s birth.

  • Bring along with you the birth notification if your child born in the hospital and health card if your child is born outside the hospital to complete the birth registration form.
  • If there is no evidence provided as stated above, the registration of the child cannot be made.
  • All information are entered in the database and the birth certificate will be issued out with free of charge, confirming the registration is done.

  1. 3. Late birth registration

  • After 12 months registration can be made and need the late registration assessor to assess and approved late birth registration
  • To apply late birth registration it the duty of parents or the person occupying the house during birth to fill out application form such as applicant, affidavit and questionnaire
  • Bring either birth notification or baptism certificate or copy of passport including passport photo as supporting evidence for proceeding late birth registration
  • After hearing any evidence in accordance with the provisions of subsection (5) a late registration assessor may grant or refuse to grant an order that the birth in respect of which the application is made shall be registered;
  • Provided that a late registration assessor shall not grant an order for the registration of the birth of an applicant requiring his own birth to be registered unless satisfied that no qualified informant is available and able to give evidence of the particulars required for registration of the birth.
  • When the application is approved, the late registration order is release and all information are entered in the database and birth certificate is issued out.
  • The late birth registration is convening every Wednesday fortnightly for people living in S/Tarawa and every month for people living in the Outer islands. The late birth registration fee is $11.00