Kiribati Civil Registration Office

  1. Getting married in KIRIBATI


  • Marriage of persons under 18 years old shall be void.
  • Consent is required from parents if the applicant is under 21 years old.
  • Must be single, widower or divorcee.
  • Decree Absolute document if divorced.
  • Death certificate if the spouse had died.
  • Consent of both parent if under 21 years (as the minimum age for marriage is 18 years for both parties).
  • Two witnesses are required who are 21 years of age or over. Couples must present themselves together to apply the license or Notice of marriage
  • Notice of marriage takes 21 days when all required document received.
  • After expiring date, there is the form is issued out if the marriage is solemnize in the church such as Form B and Form D and blank marriage certificate.
  • After the marriage within the church It the duty of marriage officer in the church to return forms to Government for registration within 7 days.

Preliminaries for non-Kiribati Nationals (Foreigners)

  • Marriage of persons under 18 shall be void.
  • Original or certified copy of birth certificate
  • Passport to verify identity, age and documents produced.
  • Death certificate if spouse had died
  • If divorcee, must produce divorced certificate
  • Consent is required from parent if applicant is under 21 years of old.
  • Statement as single, widower or divorcee from home country and should be officially stamped and signed by General Registry Office.
  • If widower, must produce death certificate showing him/her as spouse of the deceased.
  1. Registration of marriage outside country
  • Where a marriage has been solemnized outside Kiribati and at least one of the persons married is of I-Kiribati descent the Registrar-General may, on an application made under this section and on payment of the prescribed fee, enter the particulars of the marriage in the register of marriages as if the marriage had been solemnized in Kiribati under the Marriage Ordinance.
  • (2) Application under this section may be made by one or both of the parties to the marriage.
  • (3) No application under this section shall be considered except on provision to the satisfaction of the Registrar-General of the marriage certificate (or a duly certified copy thereof) from the country in which the marriage was solemnized in accordance with the laws of that country.
  • (4) All documents lodged with the Registrar-General under this section shall be filled separately and maintained and preserved as a supplement to the register to which it relates.
  1. Processing of Special License and Notice of Marriage
  • Application forms for Special License can be obtained from Head of office of General Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages in South Tarawa. The divisional Registrar offices either in Outer islands which is under the Clerk to the island council including Fanning and Washing except Xmas island where it under the responsibility of Secretary to the Linnix office.

Marriage officers

The solemnization of marriage in KIRIBATI was done by Government Civil Registry officers and Marriage officers in registered churches who are qualified and appointed under Marriage ordinance of Cap 54. The names of marriage officers are published in the Kiribati Republic Gazette upon registration and then annually at the beginning of each year.

The list of marriage officers from Churches should be updated annually, and the government make approval as marriage officers. It the duty of government to disseminate approval list of marriage officers to Registered churches including Clerk to the island council.

Only registered marriage officers are assign to solemnize marriage and comply with Civil Registration Ordinance of Cap.54. if they fail to comply, they can be revoke their license as marriage officers

Where the Registrar General or the district registrar was already performed a marriage in the government the marriage certificate was issue out but if the parties intended to perform further marriage in the church, it is the duty of parties to produce that copy of certificate to perform a further religious ceremony of marriage.

There is no further certificate of marriage shall be issued out and provided by the marriage officers in the case of an additional religious marriage ceremony.